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Brand : Zolta

Due to degradation of drinking water in our contrary today costumer needs on upgradation to advance technology water purification system. ZOLTA present most advanced technology water purifier, R.O. System and ultra-filtration water purification system.


Reverse Osmosis system is a process where the flow of water is reversed by applying external pressure to the concentrated (polluted) side the is forced through a synthetic semi-permeable membrane that allow only water (H2o) molecules. When Pressure is applied to be contaminated water, only the purest water passes through the membrane and rest is left behind and is Drained out.


The Zolta revers osmoses system with many value added features that make the complete range a new phenomena is the category this is the reason the range is called Zolta advanced technology.


6 stage purification protection

Stage 1: Sediment filter physical impurities such as suspended solids, sands, silt, dust and rust are removed by 5 micron PP filter.

Stage 2: Pre-carbon filter colour, odour, chlorine and organic impurities are removed by adsorption on highly activated granular carbon.

Stage 3: Inline micron sediment filter removes smaller contaminants and remaining fine particles.

Stage 4:R.O. Member : It is specially designed to remove dissolved chemical impurities. Its semi-permeable membrane has 0.0001 micron pore diameters. These pores being much smaller than both Virus and Bacteria doesn't allow them pass through apart from all other impurities.

Stage 5:Post Carbon filter: it has been designed to prevent any possible growth of Bacteria at the point of use. Also removes bad odour and improves taste.

Stage 6: Taste optimizer: Further enhances taste of water.

Mean of Ultra Filtration

Ultra filtration is a revolutionary filtering technology that separates out the colloids, suspended particles and bacteria, viruses from water molecules with help of a semi-permeable membrane having a pore size of 0.001 micron. It removes most of the organic impurities.

Salient features:

Sparkling clear and Natural taste. Latest hollow-fibre membrane technology. Removes bacteria, and Turbidity. No loss of essential minerals. High water output (appx 40 litter/Hr.). Low wastage (97% recovery of produce water). No Electricity required for filtration. Recommended for municipality portable water only.

Hollow Fiber Membrane:

The hollow fiber membrane arrests impurities as small as 0.02 micron in size less than one millionth of an inch.

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